About Us

Sometimes the simple things are the most beautiful…

Capturing precious moments since 2009

We have been in the business (An international wedding and portrait photography based in Malaysia) of capturing life’s most intimate and precious moments for the past 10 years. In fact, the photography leader has always paid great effort and worked together with teammates for years and developed a good rapport to be able to create all of the inimitable work of art.

What we do is try to be the best story teller as every wedding has it’s own uniqueness. We express your life special moment through capturing image in a professional way, the image which shows his or her beloved’s personality, love and passion.

Our Story

Award-winning photographer Terence Tan has spent his last 10 years capturing wedding moments and honing his photography skills. His love and passion for photography have driven him to capture precious and intimate moments shared between couples on their special day.

Despite having vast experience with weddings and photography, Terence strives to improve his skills and continuously educate himself, ensuring that the love stories of couples are well and beautifully documented to the best of his abilities. With no two weddings ever being the same, Terence and his team aim to bring out each couples’ personalities in their works.

Check out his actual-wedding and pre-wedding works. Based in Malaysia, Terence has covered weddings and photo shoots in several destinations like Italy, France, Australia, and Holland, giving him a broader perspective on angles and landscapes.

Endless Love

His love and empathy for people have driven his works to encapsulate the emotions and feelings shared between couples through the years of being together.

Whether it’s happiness, tears of joy or blissful romance, with Terence Tan Photography, your priceless moments will be captured forever in photography.